Protect yourself from the flu

It is recommended that all Australian’s aged 6 months of age or older receive their flu vaccination annually to reduce the likelihood of becoming ill with influenza. The flu vaccination formulation changes every year so it is important you receive your flu vaccination at the beginning of the flu season each year so you are protected against the current virus strains. The flu (influenza) is highly contagious and can be more serious than the common cold, leading to extended periods of rest and limited ability to work and complete everyday duties.

There are also some groups in our community where having the flu can have serious consequences and even result in hospitalisation. This includes people aged over 65 years, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders aged over 6 months of age, pregnant women and those with heart disease, severe asthma, chronic lung conditions, diabetes, kidney disease and impaired immunity. These groups may be eligible for a free flu vaccination under the National Immunisation Program, speak to your Chemist King pharmacist or GP for more details.

Our pharmacists can help protect you this flu season with the help of our flu vaccination service. Book online or speak to our pharmacy team today. No prescription necessary. Fees apply.